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It's better to calm children who can't go to sleep by moving them than by keeping them still. (Plato)

Useful when you travel too

The Baby-JoJo® can be used in various different ways with the available accessories, helping your baby to feel at peace in its own familiar environment - wherever you go.

Recommended by midwives

Lena Maria (29, midwife):"I've tried so many different things, but nothing calms a baby as well as the gentle rocking of the Original Baby-JoJo®."

The Original Kiddy-JoJo®

Following a number of enquiries from enthusiastic parents who have experienced the benefits of our sprung-mounted hanging cradle, we decided to develop a larger version of the Baby-JoJo®.

Baby-JoJo® Mosquito Net

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The Mosquito Net was developed for use with the Baby-JoJo® in the open air. Thanks to the natural active-breathing cotton silk, heat is unable to build up within the sprung-loaded cradle and your baby is provided with the best possible protection against insects.

The net is fitted in just a few simple steps. It matches the shape of the Baby-JoJo® perfectly and it is therefore impossible for it to be drawn into the inside of the cradle.

The generous opening and tightly sealed hook and loop fastener on the front area also allows parents to get to their child at any stage, and in a very short time.

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