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It's better to calm children who can't go to sleep by moving them than by keeping them still. (Plato)

Useful when you travel too

The Baby-JoJo® can be used in various different ways with the available accessories, helping your baby to feel at peace in its own familiar environment - wherever you go.

Recommended by midwives

Lena Maria (29, midwife):"I've tried so many different things, but nothing calms a baby as well as the gentle rocking of the Original Baby-JoJo®."

The Original Kiddy-JoJo®

Following a number of enquiries from enthusiastic parents who have experienced the benefits of our sprung-mounted hanging cradle, we decided to develop a larger version of the Baby-JoJo®.



Kiddy Jojo - Kängurooh Company | Baby-JoJo® | Maur | ZurichThe Kiddy-JoJo® is suitable for children weighing 12 to 35 kg and rocks your child gently to sleep from the age of 2-3 to approx. 9 years old, in exactly the same way as the Baby-JoJo® did before.

The Kiddy-JoJo® once again offers all the same advantages as the Original Baby-JoJo®. The fabric of the sprung-mounted hanging cradle is made of 100% unbleached cotton. The progressive spring with a safety line specially developed for the Kiddy-JoJo® sprung-mounted cradle guarantees continuous even oscillation in absolute safety.

The larger capsule with matching mattress and wooden rod also offers your child the necessary space to feel good in the Kiddy-JoJo®. This makes absolutely sure that the familiar natural rocking motion that has been used to calm the child will not have to stop once they are out of their infancy.

Right now, the Kiddy-JoJo is going through the testing stage with TüV Süd to make sure that we can guarantee your child's safety with this product too.

The Kiddy-JoJo® is delivered completely pre-assembled in an environmentally-friendly cardboard box, and has been tested to a load of 35 kg .

The successor

Tens of thousands of babies throughout the whole of Europe have been able to enjoy the benefits of the Baby-JoJo® and have gently gone to sleep thanks to the swaying of this sprung-mounted cradle. Whether it's used as a full replacement for a bed or just for a child's afternoon nap, many children get used to the Baby-JoJo® and don't want to give up the rocking and swaying, even when they grow bigger.

Following a variety of enquiries from enthusiastic parents who have experienced the benefits of the sprung-mounted hanging cradle, we decided to develop a larger version of the Baby-JoJo®. The Kiddy-JoJo® was developed so that our small customers could continue to fall asleep in their previous familiar surroundings, even after they reached the age of three.

Scope of delivery

Identical, just bigger

Just like the Baby-JoJo®, all the different parts of the Kiddy-JoJo® fit comfortably into the tote bag included. This means that you can easily take your sprung-mounted cradle with you when you travel – whether you're just setting off on a weekend away or going on a longer family holiday.

The box for delivery includes:

  • 1 x tote bag made of 100% unbleached cotton  
  • 1 x fabric cradle made of 100% unbleached cotton
  • 1 x mattress made of 100% cotton filled with sheep wool
  • 1 x mattress cover made of 100% cotton
  • 1 x spacer
  • 1 x steel spring
  • 1 x spring cover made of 100% cotton
  • 1 x link chain, approx. 1 metre long
  • 3 x removable links with a screw fastening
  • 1 x open-ended wrench
  • 1 x snap hook
  • 1 x rotating link
  • 2 x plastic anchors for concrete ceilings
  • 2 x eye bolts with wooden threads
  • 1 x installation instructions

Satisfaction guaranteed

Before it's delivered, the Kiddy-JoJo® is checked extremely carefully for completeness. Faults can never be excluded completely, however, in spite of the most conscientious final inspections so we recommend that you make sure your Kiddy-JoJo® is complete, preferably straight after it has been delivered.

And what if you do find that something is missing after all? No problem: just call us or write us an email and we'll immediately send a replacement free of charge.

Kiddy Jojo -Kängurooh Company | Baby-JoJo® | Maur | ZurichPlease note: The Kiddy-JoJo® is not a swing or a toy or an item of gym equipment! Please therefore make sure that our sprung-mounted cradle is used only for the purpose for which it is intended.

Questions and answers

We have put some more questions and answers together for you in the form of a PDF file.

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