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It's better to calm children who can't go to sleep by moving them than by keeping them still. (Plato)

Useful when you travel too

The Baby-JoJo® can be used in various different ways with the available accessories, helping your baby to feel at peace in its own familiar environment - wherever you go.

Recommended by midwives

Lena Maria (29, midwife):"I've tried so many different things, but nothing calms a baby as well as the gentle rocking of the Original Baby-JoJo®."

The Original Kiddy-JoJo®

Following a number of enquiries from enthusiastic parents who have experienced the benefits of our sprung-mounted hanging cradle, we decided to develop a larger version of the Baby-JoJo®.

About us

A little success story 

Kängurooh Company GmbH - Zurich - SwitzerlandKängurooh Company GmbH is a small Swiss family business. It was established in 1998 with the aim of importing baby products that had previously been unknown in Switzerland, such as baby slings, hanging cradles and other baby accessories, and selling these products through specialist retailers.

The idea of the Baby-JoJo® sprung-mounted hanging cradle was soon conceived, based on the hanging cradles being imported from New Zealand. The demand for the Baby-JoJo® grew continuously throughout subsequent years and production of the hanging capsule in which the sprung-mounted cradle was placed was brought to Europe (Slovakia) in 2005 to allow closer control of the production process and faster delivery.

Since then, we have concentrated on the continuous ongoing development of the Baby-JoJo® and its accessories, and have completely stopped importing any textiles. These days, we supply our sprung-mounted cradle to several EU countries and regularly receive enquiries from parents all around the world.

Our philosophy

Quality and safety

Baby Jojo - Kängurooh Company GmbH - Zurich - SwitzerlandNaturally, the safety of our little customers is our most important consideration by far.

Safety can only be guaranteed if we only work with materials of the highest quality. For this reason, the Kängurooh Company works only with TüV-tested, well-known European companies for the production of all the individual components: For example, the manufacturer of our springs also produces springs for the engines in luxury cars. It is one of the best suppliers in this sector and it has optimised our springs over a period of several years.

In addition to the TüV's annual check of the Baby-JoJo® and its production facilities, our sprung-mounted cradle has also been certified as pollution-free by a variety of laboratories.


We see ourselves as an ethically-aware business. We therefore make sure that we mainly work with with trustworthy, medium-sized companies, and all our production takes place in Europe. At the same time, we also try to be fair to our customers by offering the highest level of quality at the lowest possible prices.

We provide support for specialists, midwives, nurseries and hospitals and offer them special prices for our sprung-mounted cradles so that you too can take advantage of the quality of our product on a budget that is often limited.


Suspension sustainability - Baby Jojo - Kängurooh Company GmbH - SwitzIn the production of the Original Baby-JoJo®, all the individual components are made of selected natural materials, except for the safety line, which is made of nylon. The cotton is unbleached and untreated. If you find tiny black spots in the material of your new Baby-JoJo®, this is not dirt - it is what's left of the cotton plant, which has been woven in with the untreated cotton. Disposable products are the rule in our consumer society; they are an easy way to increase profit.

Our sprung-mounted cradle is manufactured from sustainable materials! Over the past 14 years, the Baby-JoJo® has proved that it is extremely hard wearing and some of the first models we sold are still being used, more than 10 years later.

We provide a guarantee of two years on all the replaceable parts of the Baby-JoJo®!

We don't pack our products in bright boxes covered with plastic - they come in simple, functional brown cartons with a small product label. The quality lies in our products, not in the packaging!

The Original Baby-JoJo® sprung-mounted cradle is a high-quality, safe product. It is produced by fair methods from sustainable materials so that you and your child can enjoy it for a long time to come.


Safety can be tested

The Original Baby-JoJo® and the Kiddy-JoJo® are quality products - and that assertion can be proven.

The Baby-JoJo® and its production facilities are checked by the TüV Süd organisation every year. As well as loading and safety checks, they also undergo an extensive chemical testing programme.

The Baby-JoJo® is therefore certified by:

TÜV GS | Kängurooh Baby JoJo® | Maur

The Kiddy-JoJo® is still at the testing stage!
The Original Baby-JoJo® was presented at specialist trade fairs and won the following prizes:   Awards | Kängurooh | BabyJoJo® | Maur     Awards | Kängurooh | BabyJoJo® | Maur

Specialist personnel

We rely on your support

Midwives recommend sprung-mounted hanging cradles, particularly the Baby-JoJo®, and it is used on a daily basis in nurseries and hospitals. Midwives and the staff responsible for nurseries and maternity departments in hospitals and social institutions are supplied with our products and individual components under special Terms and Conditions.

Please send us proof of your employment and we will be pleased to let you have our special Terms and Conditions for specialist personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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